Trust Safety & Insurance


“The safety and security of our Customers, Captains and Colleagues is something we take very seriously. As we continue to see incredible growth across our footprint we are working even harder to ensure that everyone has a safe and pleasant experience in a Rakoob ride. That’s what makes us different. That’s what makes us Rakoob.”

– Faisal Shahzad, CEO and Cofounder at Rakoob

One of the most critical aspects of the Rakoob service is keeping our customers safe and secure. From the moment you make a booking, until after you have been dropped off, your safety is our main concern. The information below is intended to put you and your loved ones at ease, and keep you informed about some of the safety and security measures taken before, during, and after every ride.




  • All our Captains go through a rigorous screening process to verify their identity and driver’s license. We check their background, criminal record and in some cities, we test them for any illegal substances
  • Our Captains’ vehicles are all physically assessed and the insurance confirmed
  • Customers and Captains are covered by life and/or injury insurance in-ride
  • We send you your Captain’s details including photo, name, rating, vehicle type and plate number before he/she arrives




  • You can call our 24/7 customer support team if you experience any issues when in-ride. Simply tap ‘Contact us’ in the app
  • Each trip tracked in real time. Share your ride with friends and family to let them know you are on the way, and they can track your ride on the web
  • We take measures to geofence and avoid dangerous neighborhoods
  • We provide child seats in Rakoob Kids cars to keep your little Rakoobers safe




  • We urge you to rate your ride after it has ended to help us identify safety & security related issues for investigation and follow up action
  • Our extensive ‘mystery shopper’ program checks vehicles, driving, and documentation


  • We are deploying facial recognition technology that verifies the identity of your Captain, as well as a technology solution that protects your privacy by ‘masking’ your telephone number across our network. Look out for our safety updates.



Meet the Safety team


Farrukh is Rakoob’s “Mr. Safety”, responsible for keeping our customers, Captains and colleagues safe and secure. He joined the Rakoob family in February 2017 as Director of Safety & Security, and his mission is to make Rakoob the safest form of vehicular transport.

“To achieve this vision,” farrukh notes, “we will leverage technology, people and processes to implement world class, innovative, technology-driven, cost effective and sustainable safety & security tools and measures across our footprint”.

Chalo let’s be safe!